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Stuart Sweet “Person”
Southern California
July 30, 2014

Light as a feather with a really nice matte finish so fingerprints don’t stick.

OK, it’s a cupholder, and ok, it’s not the cheapest one you’ll find. But I was incredibly impressed by every aspect of this product. The packaging rivals Apple’s in quality, and packed in the midst of it came the Vector Cupholder. I think this must be aircraft aluminum, it’s light as a feather with a really nice matte finish that means fingerprints just don’t stick.

The Vector Cupholder is a solid piece of engineering that will hold up to a 44 ounce soda with ease, and although I’ve banged it several times, it never flew off the side of the desk. Knowing that it’s nice and secure makes me feel just a little bit better about keeping my ever-present beverage near my expensive computer.

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Charles Ebert
Durham, NC
August 1, 2014

Good product.

I was one of the original Kickstarter investors in this and I have found it to be very useful. It is solidly constructed and easy to use. Even friends who started out skeptical of the concept admit that it’s pretty cool when they see it.

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Larry Rubin
Wilmington, DE
August 4, 2014

Classy piece of functional artwork.

Just received this item and it was better than I ever expected. Comes beautifully packaged and really does its job well. Is lightweight but extremely tough. A classy piece of functional artwork with a rich finish. My only mistake was to show it to my wife who immediately stole it from me. Looks like I’ll need to get another one. I highly recommend it; it is well worth the price.

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Bloomfield, NJ
August 9, 2014

Useful and elegant.

I was surprised by the elegance of this device. Not only does it solve one of my continuing problems by securing liquids near my computer, it is a beautiful object. It comes in a gorgeous presentation box – and would be an absolutely wonderful gift for anyone . Bravo to the Vector staff. This one is a keeper!

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Chris W.
Washington, DC
August 9, 2014

Easily snaps onto a table or tray table.

I was an early backer of this product on Kickstarter, and was thrilled to receive mine a few weeks ago.

I travel quite a lot, and also spend time in coffee shops. Both can get crowded, and both offer limited real estate for laptop, cup, and other stuff. The Vector solves the space problem, and offers spill protection as well.

A simple device – surprising no one though of it before. It easily snaps onto a table or tray table and allows you to put a cup (airplane cup, standard mug, larger cup, soda can) into it, where it will be held securely.

The spring to attach the Vector to the table is quite strong, and the device (itself solid aluminum) folds flat for easy storage in a bag.

At $50, this is not a cheap device. But if you spend a lot of time in cramped quarters or on skimpy tables, and you have thousands of dollars of hardware (laptop, tablet, phone, not to mention your work) in close proximity to liquids, this is a great investment.

I highly recommend the Vector Cupholder.

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Harvey Katz
New York, NY
August 18, 2014

Great product!

If you think this item is a bit pricey, just keep in mind the cost of spilling coffee all over your keyboard and a pile of papers. These kind of spills happened with me about every 2 weeks no matter how much I tried to be careful. I have one for the office and intend to get one for travel. It is one of the most well designed simple items I have ever encountered. If you use it, it is virtually impossible to spill your coffee or cold drink. The spring is strong enough to keep the cup holder in place even if you accidentally bump very hard. Great product!

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New Haven, CT
August 22, 2014

Sleek and practical cup holder.

What a terrific accessory to my computer space! This cupholder attaches beautifully to my computer table, and as advertised keeps my drink safely away from the keyboard, but conveniently at my right hand.

The lightweight design, aluminum body, clamp with springs that really work properly and easily – –  altogether a sleek and attractive design – – make it both attractive and practical.

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Vienna, Virginia
August 22, 2014

An AMAZING product!!!

Backed this project on Kickstarter (second from this seller) — after spilling drinks 2x on my Mac when I saw this knew I had to get it!

Received the cupholder that I backed on Kickstarter and had an issue with it — the seller bent over backwards to make it right for me and sent me 2 cupholders overnight for the inconvenience!

An amazing product, easily clips to my desk and holds my coffee cup and water glasses securely away from my laptop. Have recommended this to several friends.. LOVE this!

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Purl Onions
Springfield, NJ
August 25, 2014

Elegant, solid & practical.

Elegant, solid and practical. And best of all: it does the job of effectively keeping my coffee away from my keyboard. Finally, I love that it folds flat–so it can be stowed and transported effortlessly.

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Connecticut, USA
August 26, 2014

Very useful and well-designed.

This is a great product. I got it just a few weeks ago and I have already had to prevent its unauthorized acquisition by various family members. If they are good, they may find one under the Christmas tree.

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RM, Ph.D.
Merrick, NY
September 9, 2014

This cup holder is amazing!

This cup holder is amazing! The spring that holds it in place is extremely strong, yet quite easy to open and secures to my table top so that even when bumped, the cup holder stays in place. I have an office where I see clients. Clients bring drinks. And drinks have been inadvertently spilled, causing such stains in my office carpet that it needed replacement. Now the drinks stay secure in the cup holder. Even when bumped by mistake (my heart was in my mouth), the coffee cup stayed in the holder. Well worth the price!

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Terry Strom
September 10, 2014

Vector cup holder.

Just received my order and it’s exactly what I was hoping for. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and attractive!

I’ve got mine at my desk at work, but will be purchasing another to keep with me at all times. The packaging is wonderful, and it would make a perfect gift for staff appreciation day!

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Neil Litt
Princeton, NJ
September 19, 2014

Museum-quality cup holder.

The simplicity and elegance of this cup holder is such that I would not be surprised to see it exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art. It is light as a feather, yet totally sturdy. When folded flat it fits unobtrusively in any bag. I have had a lot of cup holders; this is the only one that seems to be completely free of design compromises and extremely likely to last forever.

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Robert Cohen
San Francisco, CA
September 10, 2014

Vector Cup Holder has my seal of approval.

I thought the CD drive in my computer was perfect for a cup of coffee from the corner java vendor. I soon learned, though, that I couldn’t play the CD and drink coffee at the same time. Also, I realized that I might want to have some tea in a ceramic cup, and that just wouldn’t be stable in my upgrade to a DVD drive. Lo and behold, along comes the Vector Cupholder. It’s perfect. Every cup I own fits in it — and I’ve tried many of them — and there’s absolutely no risk of knocking over the beverage onto my keyboard or even onto important papers on my desk. The Vector is modern and sleek and, after I easily clipped it onto my desk, it has drawn the curiosity of others in my office who also thought it is sensible and attractive. The packaging is superior and star-quality. It would make a wonderful gift for any occasion. I salute its designer for his ingenuity born out of necessity.

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Robert D. Blunt
Rancho Viejo, Texas
September 14, 2014

Five stars.

Works pretty good I bought 1 for home and 1 for work.

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Phyllis Sweet
Redlands, CA
September 18, 2014

I’m especially glad that I can fold it flat.

This cupholder is amazingly well engineered. It’s strong enough to hold a heavy glass or cup, but gentle enough not to damage the table surface in any way. There is a rubber or neoprene pad between the clip and the table. Also, how clever to create a holder for both a glass and cup. I’m especially glad that I can fold it flat because I have a small workspace so that when I want to put it away it takes very little room.

3 Stars w:grey

October 3, 2014

A high-grade product that misses the mark.

When I saw the reviews for this product, my expectations were immediately very high. The product’s current ratings score seems conceivable but I did not experience this myself.

I found multiple flaws with my particular Vector Cup Holder:

The actual aluminum body. The cup holder’s design involves an adjustable top half. In the picture, the part that attaches around the rim of the mug, can rotate and generally move. This makes the product easy to rotate into a small form factor. However, for cups that are too wide to reach the bottom, this means the weight of the cup rests on a not rigid part of the cup holder, something that can be worrisome.

The rubber pads that line the cup holder. One of these pads was misaligned and uneven in shape. I found it is possible to move it from its original location, but that hurts the product’s adhesive. Moving it makes the adhesive weaker as well as makes it show.

I also found a few minor flaws. The rubber pads left some small markings on my desk. The aluminum body had a part of it where the edge was not clean cut. Whatever shaped the body left the edge with a more rounded edge instead of the typical one used for the rest of the cup holder, even on the corresponding other side. The tip of the bottom piece of the body is also very sharp, which could be dangerous to children or even just people like me who had this in the way when they were walking around at night.

Overall, I think it is possible that this could be a great product for someone but I did not see the quality myself. The hefty price tag and reviews were misleading, and I ended up returning it instead of getting a replacement.

5 star w:grey

Cincinnatti, OH
October 6, 2014

Vector cup holder—worth the price.

What do I need a cupholder for? It was delivered to my house packaged like an Apple computer, inspiring confidence as I took it out of the package. It is Not a flimsy plastic holder that may crack or bend. It is very well designed and I found it easy to use. It immediately solved my problem. When I’m working with my sound recording equipment, cameras, guitar and computer I often have a drink at the work space. This product securely clamps onto a bookcase shelf, or at the desk top edge, out of the way. Its easy to reach for my drink, without fear of knocking it over onto my work space. The following day, I was back in my office working with one of our associate attorneys. As I came into his office he had just spilled his coffee on his desk and was cleaning up the mess (yes, it soaked his computer keyboard). I’m ordering one for him–early Christmas present for both of us. He won’t spill his coffee again, and we won’t have to buy him a new keyboard.

5 star w:grey

Dr. William Martin Sloane
Carlisle, PA
October 20, 2014

This was a good investment.
This product is well thought out in every detail. It works with different-sized cups and mugs, and its stylish appearance has attracted favorable comments from friends. For people who find both coffee and computers indispensable, this keeps them safely separated. It’s really very clever.
5 star w:grey

October 23, 2014

Brilliant, superior functionality !!!!!!!!!
The Vector Cupholder is worth the price!!!! Clips on to my desk very securely and holds my cup firmly in place!!!! I look forward to using the Vector successfully for many years.

5 star w:grey

David L. Stoloff
Willimantic CT
October 27, 2014

Good aid for travelers and at home in cramped quarters.
A good aid for travelers and at home in cramped quarters for those who worry about spilling liquids on their valuable equipment. Packs easily away for transport.

I would recommend it to my advanced students who might use it as a conversation starter during an initial interview. It would symbolize their preparedness, carefulness, and flexibility as young professionals in the field.

Congratulations to the inventors of this product on their creativity and ingenuity.
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Virgil Romito
December 9, 2014

Perfect for my work station.
5 star w:grey

Ms Sumida “MsSumida”
December 31, 2014

Desk cup holder!
Works great.

The glue on the foam backing does not hold, so the foam protective strips are already peeling off – The creator of the product is sending me new ones!

The grip has very hard edges that can boardline on painful when attaching to one of my desks.
5 star w:grey

Nancy F.
January 4, 2015

Five stars.
Great product!
5 star w:grey

January 9, 2015

An ounce of prevention.
This is one of the best inventions to come out of Kickstarter. I’ve been using it at work with my laptop and at home with my gaming rig, and I feel perfectly safe keeping my coffee near my expensive hardware. The Vector is really well-built, and the clip holds it in place on my desk / table perfectly (it won’t move unless you pull the trigger). It’s large enough to hold a Starbucks venti cup, or even a traditional diner mug.
I gave my first Vector to my brother-in-law, who destroyed his brand-new macbook pro after spilling a full cup of water on it. Apple was able to repair it… for almost $700! He uses the Vector now like his wallet depends on it. 😉 Like they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This isn’t a nice-to-have item, it’s a must-have item! Highly recommended.
5 star w:grey

San Francisco
February 7, 2015

Perfect for anyone who has to have a cup of coffee while working at a computer.
This product surpassed my expectations with its clever design, high quality construction, and elegant packaging. It’s perfect for anyone who absolutely has to have a cup of coffee while working on a computer. I love the way it folds and fits in my briefcase. It’s not cheap, but it is one of those products that has a feel and look of quality, rewarding to use on an everyday basis. I have already given one as a gift, and made an impression.
3 Stars w:grey

Naples, Florida
February 9, 2015

Three Stars
Must have an area to hang out. It works good.
3 Stars w:grey

February 13, 2015

Will eventually work out best.
A bit too expensive for my tastes, but I’m the one who purchased it. Will eventually work out best usage
5 star w:grey

dee dee “de del”
March 20, 2015

Five Stars
great product
5 star w:grey

April 6, 2015

Artist Curvilinear Unspillable Cup Holder
This MUST HAVE Vector Cup Holder is Incredibly impressive! Feather weight, strong grip, built to lasts and lasts and lasts … This is the ONLY cup holder that works as designed. It’s Beautiful, Sexy and comes Highly recommended.
5 star w:grey

New England
April 10, 2015

high quality and helps avoid spills!
This thing is awesome. I love it.
5 star w:grey

June 5, 2015

Five Stars
4 Stars w:grey

Aaron D. Manley
June 30, 2015

Four Stars
5 star w:grey

“Guitar student”
August 12, 2015

Great but won’t clamp on very thick tables
Arrived quickly. Quality item. I bought it for my desk – a thick, gray folding table. The jaws opened almost wide enough – but not enough. I tried it on another table – terrific. My return was smooth and friendly. Full refund. My rating assumes your table won’t be too wide.
5 star w:grey

Elizabeth A. Richter
August 29, 2015


I have been using this vector cup holder since a friend gave me one a couple of years ago. I do a great deal of desk work involving my computer and lots of files and papers. The Vector Cup Holder has been so valuable because I don’t have to worry any more that I’m going to knock over my drink and have the contents spill all over my papers or, God forbid, my computer. Before I had the Vector Cup Holder, I once accidentally knocked over a hot cup of tea and some of the contents spilled on my mouse pad and I had to replace the part at considerable cost. Now I don’t have to worry about that any more. Another point, which only folks that get deeply involved in their work can understand, is that with the Cup Holder, I no longer have to worry about where the heck did I put my drink! When I get highly focused, I will some times drink my tea and then put the cup in different places and then forget where it is. With the Cup holder right next to me at the side of the table, and the drink nicely anchored where it is supposed to be, I don’t forget, and I don’t leave it where my elbow could knock it over first! One thing that I like about the Vector Cup Holder is that it has a flexible clasp that expands and contracts and so I can put it into place on a broad range of desks, no matter what the thickness of the surface. Oh, and don’t forget, it comes in different colors for you more jazzy types. You know, it is just a little matter of comfort, but when you are involved in a complicated project and that cup of tea or coffee is helping you keep awake, making sure it is safe and secure and easily accessible can make all the difference. So it is a small indulgence, but well worth it.
5 star w:grey

J. ‘Hammer’ Helmer “Hammer”
Sussex, NJ
September 1, 2015

Pricey but wicked cool and well made!

This was an expensive splurge purchase that took me a while to build up to, but I’m really glad I bought it. I have a large table top desk on a Geekdesk frame (electric adjustable desk that goes up and down for sitting and standing). I am a bit of a clutz when a drink is around, and having this attached to the edge of the desk keeps my drink out of the way and out of my computer keyboard. Aluminum is top notch, has nice foam on the crimp assembly so it won’t mark up the desk. Easy to move around wherever I want it, and handy that it very easily folds up for travel. Definitely one of the coolest looking drink holders I’ve ever seen, and I love mine!
5 star w:grey

Steve T.
September 10, 2015

Five Stars

Works great.
5 star w:grey

September 21, 2015

Great cup holder

Sleek design and easily fit on wheelchair arm while leaving valuable real estate on the top of the arm rest for other items. Made well, total win.

5 star w:grey

Christy M.
October 4, 2015

Keep your electronics safe

I received this free for an honest review.

I really like this cup holder! I’ve been using it for several weeks now, so I could give it a good review. It has held up very well and hasn’t loosened up its grip at all. I keep my water glass in it as one of my cats loves to knock my drinks off of the table! He hasn’t figured out how to knock this off yet 🙂 It is well constructed and doesn’t damage what you attach it to as it has padding on the grips. Make sure you put it in a place you won’t run into it though because it is sharp. It would be great if it had some sort of padding that you could slip over the bottom piece. You would probably want to keep it put away when you’re not using it if you have little kids!

All in all, I recommend this for keeping your drinks from falling over onto your laptop, tablet, phone, floor, etc.

5 star w:grey

Wanda S. Lash
November 1, 2015

Works great, easy to put on table and is very . . . .
Bought this to fit on card table. Work great, easy to put on table and is very stable.
5 star w:grey

November 19, 2015

Wheelchair User Love

TiLite wheelchair user here. Had tried Nova medical products cup holder for rollator/wheelchair since it’d worked so well on my prior chair (Ki Catalyst), but the TiLite arm supports are much narrower (.75″) to minimize weight. In spite of product claims, the holder was too wide to grip on the support.

So I gave this a try. Bravo! Lightweight and unobtrusive, I can keep it on the arm for the day if I want, or easily slide it in my storage bag when commuting. It’s large enough to grip a large cup of coffee. Added design bonus: the weight of the cup actually improves the grip on the wheelchair arm! This is well worth the cost.

5 star w:grey

December 23, 2015

Five stars

AWESOME cup holder. I bought 4 in total.

It’s light and very sturdy.

5 star w:grey

December 25, 2015

Expensive, but worth it
Like most people, it took a sticky spill in my studio to inspire me to find a decent cup holder. This one does the trick. Light weight, but doesn’t feel cheap. Just make sure you have enough slack under the table you’re clamping it to. You’ll need an edge on the table where the clamp can go in by about 4 inches.
5 star w:grey

March 26, 2016

Nicely made

Expensive but well made. Will be using it on an airplane soon!

3 Stars w:grey

A Long-time Customer
March 28, 2016

Needs more stability

Nice but twists. Needs a wider top lip. Durable.


5 star w:grey

Michael M.
May 13, 2016

Awesome Cup Holder

I bought the holder for a gift. once I received it I was so impressed with the quality ( seems to be built out of aircraft aluminum) I kept for myself. had to buy another to replace the gift . someone put some thought into the construction of this product . there are cheaper ones out there but this one will last a life time. by the way my uncle loved his also well worth the price.

5 star w:grey

Inside the beltway
May 24, 2016

Excellent for bridge players . . .

This cup holder is not only for geeks who want to keep from spilling beverages on their computers. Bridge players also have a problem with cups on the table while playing…many decks of cards have been ruined with coffee spills, and games brought to a standstill. I bought this cup holder, even though it is expensive, because it is so easy to carry in my purse because it folds flat. It is very secure on the table and has caused quite a sensation at my bridge club. I highly recommend this cup holder for geeks, bridge and poker players, and anyone who needs their beverage held securely.

5 star w:grey

Duane McMahon
May 28, 2016

Does the job

As advertised.

5 star w:grey

someone 00000002
June 7, 2016

Very easy to setup – takes literally 1 second

I use it at my office. Works well with my ceramic 12oz Starbucks coffee cup. Very easy to setup – takes literally 1 second

5 star w:grey

Joe Trusnik
June 8, 2016

Brilliantly put together

Ok, it’s a cup holder. It isn’t life-changing. But if you need to hold a drink, if it needs to be versatile, stable, and won’t move, if it needs to hold weight, this does the job perfectly. It won’t budge unless you pull the trigger that controls the bottom of the clip, but once you do that, it comes free for quick repositioning. Brilliantly put together, two thumbs way up.

4 Stars w:grey

Jeong P.
July 28, 2016

I like this holder as it’s sturdy and good quality

I like this holder as it’s sturdy and good quality. It works well for my desk except my desk has a wood panel comes down vertically on the inner, bottom side of the top panel (about 3cm in from the edge. the holder probably needs around 5cm). In order for the holder to be clipped securely, I had to position it on the very edge of my desk where there’s no vertical wood panel. This is a problem I often have for clip products with my desk though not really the problem of this. I think the clip part could be a little wider as it’s right now a bit thin and if you accidentally hit it hard, it will move easily.

5 star w:grey

August 23, 2016

Great Find

This device is amazingly handy and beautifully designed–very useful for anyone who loves to keep their coffee near! It is also very lightweight so easy to keep with when traveling or merely moving from room to room. Also–it makes a perfect gift—something totally novel, fun and yet practical. I recommend it highly!

5 star w:grey

Toko Tok
September 15, 2016

The ultimate replacement car cupholder!

At long last, a real cupholder for my 2001 New Beetle! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been searching.

My car is notorious for having some of the worst cupholders with the worst placement (seriously VW, what the heck!?) When I would go to a drive through, I would hang my head in shame as I placed ordered drinks between my legs whilst paying awkwardly. “No receipt required, thanks!” *drives away at maximum speed while keeping legs clamped.* I drank my beverages quickly, praying to avoid a spill or worst … someone seeing me.

But now, behold! I am now able to proudly imbibe in the american lifestyle, including Large Cokes from McDonalds. Couldn’t be happier.

+ Feels very solid
+ Overengineered
+ Can hit it from side to side and it still stays secure
+ Much better than “built in cupholders”
+ Color and material is very sleek and nice, looks aesthetically pleasing
+ You can easily turn the rim section “O” part sideways to store the cup holder compactly and take it with you

– The Machined edges, although smoothed, feel like they could cut you if you moved your hand across them quickly. I might get some electrical tape and just put a small piece over the sharper edges
– the gripper grab size could be bigger. It fits on the edge of a desk, but it won’t grab something much bigger. To grab the handle on my car I had to come at it from the top which has a narrower profile than from the front, then turn it down.


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