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Coffee spilled on Keyboard_Hero_Transparency

Vector Cup Holder
prevents spills.

Even just one spill can cost you $1,000 or more.

Plus, lost data and lost time from a single overturned cup.

Medium Cup.JPG

Perfectly portable.

Folds flat and weighs less than 3.5 ounces.

Slip it into your bag or case and always have it with you.

xVector sideview 1

On and off in a second.

Fast and easy to mount and remove with just one hand.

No screws to turn.   No straps to wrestle with.

Unique clamping system securely grips desks, tables

and trays up to 1½ inches thick.

Vector Soda Can

Love.  Love.  Love.
Love is all you need.


“You could use it on an airplane so you could have a beverage and at the same time use your laptop on the tray table, so you don’t have to share the tray table with a laptop and a drink. . . . The other thing is that you could use this at home too. I have some expensive music recording equipment, and I’m always worried about spilling a drink on it. So this has uses beyond just travel. Use it at Starbucks while you’re writing the Great American Novel.”


“With this clip-on Vector Cup Holder ($50), you can stop playing the impossible game of trying to fit your cup, snacks, and laptops all on that tiny tray table. And you can stop spilling your coffee on your keyboard every time you hit a little rough air. You’ll feel silly the first time you take it out, and then superior when yours is the only dry lap left on the plane.”

Conde Nast Traveler

“. . . [S]uper-thin aluminum model securely grips table edges and holds all sorts of things, from a plastic airplane cup to an oversized water bottle. Your laptop will never fall victim to a spilled Bloody Mary again.”

Unknown from Clifford Thier

“If you’re somewhat of a klutz, there’s a cheap gadget you can buy for your desk that will change the game. For the past year or two, I’ve been using a clip-on cup holder called the Vector. All of my colleagues have since tried to steal it. The perks: It gives you extra desk space and a place to put your open-container drinks so they never get accidentally swatted or tipped. The metal design makes it sturdy and sleek. And despite daily use, the hinge hasn’t become distorted, broken or snapped off.”

Daily Mail Logo 1

“It’s a familiar feeling of panic – that moment you realize you’ve spilt the entire contents of your coffee cup all over your computer. Right now in offices up and down the country, thousands of people are holding their heads in horror and scrabbling for anything dry to limit the damage.”

Yahoo Travel Logo 1

“Those tray tables on airplanes are wicked small. If you’re not careful, one elbow bump could send your cup full of soda splashing into your lap. To prevent this unhappy accident, the good people at Vector Werks designed the Vector Cup Holder.”

Business Insider Logo 1

“Yes, you can always put your extras somewhere off to the side, but if you’re tight on space, this sturdy, clip-on cup holder holds your drink without chewing up any more room.”


“Nobody likes spilling their double mocha frappuccino on a newly purchased laptop. But the longer you own a mobile device, the greater the probability you will wreck your whole day by either dropping it or spilling something on it . . . . [The] Vector Cup Holder is an aluminum job that clips on to the side of your table, keeping your drink clear from swinging arms and pointy elbows. When not in use, it folds down for travel in a briefcase or work bag . . . . It’s also not a bad insurance fee to safeguard hardware that can be worth thousands.”

Stop spills whether you’re
drinking from a mug . . .

Vector Cup Holder holding a coffee mug

(Mugs with diameters greater than 3 inches are not supported.)

or from a 16-ounce cup . . .

2Vector cup small2

or from a 30-ounce cup . . .

Vector 6 compressed_cup-huge_lighter-coffee_sans-ports

or even from a tiny airplane cup.


Vector goes here, there and everywhere.

On a U.S. Air flight to Pittsburgh.
On a U.S. Air flight to Pittsburgh.
On a Cologne-to-Paris train.
On a Cologne-to-Paris train.
On a wheelchair in a San Francisco home.
On a wheelchair in a San Francisco home.
On a boat on the Pacific, and . . .
On a boat on the Pacific, and . . .
On a Delta flight to Atlanta.
On a Delta flight to Atlanta.
To Florida on a Southwest plane.
To Florida on a Southwest plane.
On a desk in a Boston office.
On a desk in a Boston office.
over the Atlantic on the way to Copenhagen.
over the Atlantic on the way to Copenhagen.
Coffee spilled on keyboard close-up@2x

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